Wear a vibrating bracelet while playing ‘Pokemon Sun’ and ‘Moon’

Pokemon Go isn’t the only adorable-monster-hunting game to get a physical accessory — Pokemon Sun and Moon will connect to the Z-Ring, a peripheral that lights up, vibrates and makes noises whenever players use special Z-Moves in the games. Z-Moves are new to the series; they’re strong attacks that can only be used once per battle. A Z-Move unleashes the full combined power of the trainer and the Pokemon, and it’s activated when the trainer has a Z-Ring (in-game) and Z-Crystals. If the trainer’s crystals are the same type as the battling Pokemon’s, then together they can use a Z-Move.

Tomy International is making the real-life Z-Ring and it’s set to hit store shelves alongside Sun and Moon on November 18th. Note that despite its name, the Z-Ring is actually a bracelet.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are set on a series of tropical islands known as the Alola region, a resort destination packed with new Pokemon and challenges. In the lore, a handful of existing Pokemon have grown up in Alola and adapted to the area with new evolutions, including Exeggutor, Vulpix, Ninetales, Sandshrew and Sandslash. Along with these fresh forms, Nintendo today also revealed a handful of new Pokemon coming to November’s games — check them all out in the gallery and video below.


[Source: Engagdget]