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Five gadgets and bits of gear for work and play – start pestering your boss for them now

Whatever people say about the importance of work-life balance, most of us living in big cities spend a significant part of our lives at our jobs. But all work and no play may actually reduce productivity, so here are five gadgets and items of gear that not

Four Ways To Use Social Media To Your SEO Advantage

Think SEO and social aren’t related? Think again. Good social media marketing leads consumers to a website; good SEO practices help consumers to find that website and to stay engaged with it. Want your own results? Here are four ways to leverage social media for SEO: 1.

11 gadgets and apps to speed up your morning routine

We could all—early birds and night owls, single folks and families—use a little more time in the mornings. So harness the power of tech to carve out those minutes and get out the door on schedule. From gadgets that whip up breakfast in seconds to apps that

Is social media ruining your social life?

In fact, there are two new studies — which were both led by Jeffrey Hall, an associate professor of communication studies at the University of Kansas in Lawrence — that dispel “social displacement theory.” Social displacement theory basically states that the more time you spend in the world of

How to prevent your social media accounts from oversharing

Your social media accounts help you share your daily life with friends. But the mobile apps can go further than that, automatically alerting everyone when you become available online, read a message, or even visit a nearby location. If you don’t want your nearest and dearest to know what

Diamond screens’ may come to your phones in 2019

NEW DELHI: The year 2017 saw many innovations in terms of smartphone design and this year also it is expected that the companies will bring something new to the table. However, the year 2019 is said to bring diamond screen to your smartphone. Yes, You read that right. A company is


YOU MAY HAVE heard about Facebook’s recent pledge to cut back on News Feed traffic coming from brands, businesses, and publishers. The pledge is coupled with Facebook’s 2018 resolution to take more responsibility for the wellbeing of its users—as well as, perhaps, the fake news epidemic of the last few

What you should know about deepfake porn, tech’s latest way to destroy your reality

Where there’s innovation, there’s masturbation — at least in one dark corner of the internet, where nearly 80,000 people have gathered to share fabricated videos of celebrity women having sex and Nicolas Cage uncovering the Ark of the Covenant. These are “deepfakes,” a new kind of video

Building Your Small Business Website: DIY Builder Vs. Web Designer

If you are launching your business on a shoestring budget, you may think the cost of a web designer doesn’t fit into your plan. Even if HTML and CSS look like alphabet soup to you, drag and drop website-building interfaces make it possible for non-coders to build

The Future Of The Smart Home: Your Home’s Operating System & The Artificial Intelligence To Power It

Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft makes a point as he talks to reporters at a CompUSA store in San Francisco, June 25, 1998. (Photo by Jeff Chistensen) Predicting Our Future is a podcast about the next revolutions in technology, as seen through the eyes of a