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Huawei Teases Fast Charging Tech Again, Charges Battery 48 Percent in 5 Minutes

Huawei has put out a new video teasing its next-gen technology for fast charging. The new technology – developed by the Huawei Watt Lab – is claimed to charge smartphone batteries 10 times faster than conventional batteries. As per the setup shown in the video, Huawei says smartphones

Terence Corcoran: Big Tech ‘trust busters’ are coming to ruin your internet fun

Consumers of the world, unite! You have everything to lose, including lower prices, faster service, instant information, economic freedom, more products and the knowledge that the world is increasingly at your beck and iPhone call. All this is potentially at risk if the latest Big Government movements

Electronic Frontier Foundation Slams Tech Firms for Barring Neo-Nazis

A digital rights group based in San Francisco on Thursday criticised several Internet companies for removing neo-Nazi groups from servers and services, saying the actions were “dangerous” and threatened free expression online. GoDaddy, Alphabet’s Google, security firm Cloudflareand other technology companies moved this week to block hate groups after weekend violence

Heartland Tech Weekly: ‘The world of software jobs is flattening’

Cut costs + boost profits when you help turn America’s economic tide. Grab your spot at BLUEPRINT, Reno, NV, Sept. 11–13. CLICK HERE! Today’s report about a 6.7 percent drop in software-related job postings over the past five years for San Jose, California should surprise no one. This shift is

The top 5 tech gadgets college students really want

As summer winds down and college students ponder the return to classes, it’s time to consider what to bring to school this fall. No surprise, trendy tech gadgets often tops the list. CNBC has assembled a brief guide to the hottest choices. However, buyer (that’s you, parents)

Samsung Acquires Innoetics, a Text-to-Speech Tech Startup

HIGHLIGHTS Samsung reportedly acquired Innoetics for less than $43 million Innoetics specialises in advanced synthetic speech tech Samsung may use this tech to leverage Bixby Samsung has acquired a Greek tech startup called Innoetics. The financial details of the buyout deal were not disclosed, but Samsung reportedly

Best gap year tech: from Torino to Tokyo, these gadgets will help you have a great time

If you’re planning a gap year or packing for the trip of a lifetime, you’ll want to cram as many creature comforts into your backpack as possible, not to mention some tech on which to record and share some phenomenal views and bragging rights. We’re rounded up

Google, BMW and Tesla’s driverless car tech supplier Bosch sales on a high

German manufacturer Bosch claimed automated driving systems will bring it 1 billion euro worth of annual sales by next year. Bosch has a team of technologists that are developing refined embedded systems to improve autonomous driving.  This includes “more powerful” variations on the minicomputers  that are currently installed

High-quality of CES: Highlights From Vegas Tech show

A vbuilt-inyl revival, excessive-tech fitness gadgets, and the builtintegrated built-inof factors are 3 of the big topics of this year‘s consumer Electronics show (CES). The occasion has been built-ing integrated Las Vegas for nearly 50 years, but its importance has built-inintegrated built-in current years. but, there are

The tech war is just getting started: Microsoft is suing the federal government

This is turning into an all out cyber-war. First Apple stood up to the federal government. They refused to compromise the security of iPhone users by creating a backdoor that would give the FBI a way to hack into the phone used in the San Bernadino case.