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Tripura bans mobile internet, SMS services for 48 hours to prevent spread of child lifting rumours

The Tripura government on Thursday banned mobile internet and SMS services in the state for 48 hours, citing a threat to public safety. The Bharatiya Janata Party government said it took the decision in the wake of rumours about the presence of kidnappers “creating panic” in the

United States repeals net neutrality rules governing internet services

The United States on Monday officially repealed the rules governing net neutrality, The New York Times reported. The Federal Communications Commission, a United States agency that regulates communication through radio, television, wire, satellite and cable, had taken the decision in December 2017. The development allows internet service providers to speed up

Qualcomm to depose Apple services chief Eddy Cue

Qualcomm Inc can depose Apple Inc’s services chief Eddy Cue in addition to Chief Executive Tim Cook, a magistrate judge in the US District Court for the Southern District of California has ruled, part of the chipmaker’s effort to determine whether Appleworked with Samsung to focus regulatory scrutiny on Qualcomm. The access

Meet eelo: An Android-based operating system that doesn’t use Google services

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS control nearly 99 percent of mobile operating system, while the likes of Microsoft and BlackBerry tried to challenge but failed miserably in their effort. The significant market share means that consumers usually end up being locked to either Google or Apple’s ecosystem. For those

Google’s New Phones Tap Services, Software to Chase Apple

Google introduced new versions of its Pixel smartphones that lack key hardware features of the latest devices from Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. But the internet giant is trying to make up for that with tighter software and services integration. The upgraded phones were presented at a press conference

Disney to Quit Netflix, Start Its Own Streaming Services for Movies and Live Sports

HIGHLIGHTS Disney is launching its own streaming service New service will include animated, live-action Disney & Pixar movies Disney had already said it would be launching a streaming ESPN service With new streaming services in the works, Disney is trying to set itself up for a future that’s largely

How Intel’s Latest Server Chip Will Speed Up Everyday Internet Services & Future Technologies

Phones, laptops, PCs let you get online. But once there, a ‘server’ is what you connect with to get anything meaningful done. And the company that makes over 90% of online servers just upgraded their latest batch to be more powerful and energy efficient than ever before.

How to Get Referrals: 5 Proven Strategies for Professional Services Firms

Referrals are widely seen as the surest and most direct route to new business for professional services firms. In fact, the majority of businesses (61.9%) in a Hinge Research Institute study last year, considered generating more referrals as a key focus of their marketing efforts. The importance of