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‘A huge deal’: Secret iPhone operating system code leaked online

The code has seemingly been taken from the ‘iBoot’ part of the iPhone operating system The source code for one of the most secretive parts of the iPhone’s operating system appears to have been leaked online. It could provide hackers with a treasure trove of information they

Online Retail Is Threatened by Offline, Not the Other Way Around: Biyani

Future Group CEO Kishore Biyani Monday said the burgeoning online retail sector in India has a threat from physical retail models like Big Bazaar and Easyday, owing to low business share and high cost of business of the former. Biyani said although the next trend is digitisation, but physical and

Razer Smartphone With 5.7-Inch QHD Display, 8GB RAM Spotted Online

HIGHLIGHTS Earlier this year Razer acquired smartphone company Nextbit Later, Razer said it was planning to launch its own smartphone A Razer Phone got listed on a benchmarking website this week Razer may have plans to make a big splash with its first smartphone. Weeks ahead of the

China Disrupts WhatsApp Service in Online Clampdown

SHANGHAI — The last of Facebook’s major products that still worked in China was disrupted by the government on Tuesday, as Beijing broadly tightened its controls over the internet. The product, WhatsApp, a messaging app used across the globe, was partly blocked by Chinese filters, leaving many unable

Facebook Launches Online Civil Courage Initiative in the UK

HIGHLIGHTS Facebook will launch the Online Civil Courage Initiative in the UK Looks to train and fund local organizations to combat extremist content EU said that social networks have improved in removing hate content Facebook is launching a UK programme to train and fund local organizations to

6 Skills You Can Learn Online for a Lucrative and Productive 2017

I am so much in love with this era we are in — an era where there is so much information online for self-development. A focused and determined person can learn many skills online and use them to diversify his or her income. With all the advanced,

CIA makes 12m pages of declassified documents searchable online

The CIA has published more than 12 million pages of declassified documents online, making decades of US intelligence files more easily accessible and searchable. The agency published the roughly 930,000 documents that make up the CIA Records Search Tool (Crest) on Tuesday. The online publication of the

How Fitbit Keeps Its Customers Moving in Social Media and Online Communities

Fitbit, a global leader in wearable fitness technology, has made it easier and more fun for millions of people to live a healthier life. And they’ve done it by focusing on the experience. “Customer experience is really paramount to everything we do here,” says Allison Leahy, the

Apple adds collaborative features to iWork to match Office Online, Google Apps

As you surely can’t have failed to notice if you own a Mac, yesterday we waved goodbye to OS X as macOS Sierra was officially unleashed, and alongside the new operating system, Apple has also refreshed its iWork apps for the desktop. You’ll need to be running

Quikr acquires online hiring website Hiree

Online classifieds company Quikr has acquired online hiring platform Hiree in a bid to strengthen its own QuikrJobs offering. Hiree will be merged with QuikrJobs and will operate out of Quikr headquarters, the company said in a statement. Quikr said that the collective unit will create a