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Web Design Firm Opens New Sarasota Office

IMAGE: KABOOMPICS The St. Louis web and mobile design and development company Engage recently opened a second office in Sarasota and hired two new staff members. Kristen Palm will oversee Engage projects and initiatives from inception to completion and collaborate with internal teams and partners. She has expertise in website maintenance, advertising strategy, search engine

How LinkedIn will invade Windows and Office

It’ll soon become harder to avoid LinkedIn’s messages if you use Office or Windows. Microsoft has revealed how it will start to integrate LinkedIn into its own email and other platforms, after European authorities approved its acquisition of the professional social network. Following the approval, Microsoft CEO

Apple adds collaborative features to iWork to match Office Online, Google Apps

As you surely can’t have failed to notice if you own a Mac, yesterday we waved goodbye to OS X as macOS Sierra was officially unleashed, and alongside the new operating system, Apple has also refreshed its iWork apps for the desktop. You’ll need to be running

Microsoft prepares to unleash Office 2016 full desktop apps on Windows Store?

It seems that Microsoft is getting ready to push out a Project Centennial version of theOffice 2016 suite on the Windows Store – or at least, a test version is now available, which certainly points to the possibility of this happening before long. Project Centennial focuses on