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Prenuptial agreements with a social media clause are on the rise

All human beings have three lives: public, private and secret.” — Gabriel Garcia Marquez So it has come to this: Yet more proof, as if we needed it, that our dependence on technology is overwhelming and our addiction to social media potentially toxic. Prenuptial agreements with a

Michigan’s Favorite Social Media App May Surprise You

MICHIGAN —Ubiquitous social media is either the best thing since the transistor radio — you remember that, right? — or a sign that society is doomed because no one talks face-to-face anymore. Either way, in Michigan, we can’t get enough of the social media app Google+. That’s according

Youth who ‘fasted’ from social media report feeling ‘happy’

DRAPER, Utah (News4Utah) – Some of the teens who participated in a week-long “fast” from social media said the digital diet made them feel happier. News4Utah interviewed several young people who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, many of whom participated in a

‘I was hacked’ – feeble excuse or real threat on social media?

Every so often somebody embroiled in a firestorm over a jarring social media post responds with three words – “I was hacked.” But how easy is it to “hack” a social media account? Take‚ for example‚ a recent racist and homophobic tweet directed at Somizi‚ which unleashed

Depression May Be Linked To Negative Experiences On Social Media

Social media has certainly had its share of red-flag research in recent years. Studies have shown it to be linked to a number of negative outcomes, including depression, jealousy, low self-esteem, and even suicidality. A new study in the journal Depression and Anxiety also finds social media to be linked to

Social media spurs growth of risky ‘viral challenges’

 As social media has grown, so has the popularity of so-called viral challenges. From the “Vaseline challenge” to the “ghost pepper challenge”, many teens are attempting stunts that can have dangerous consequences. “My friend tried the cinnamon challenge; he had to go to the hospital for a

Social media: The zero-trust game

Our value today is measured in numbers. Followers, connections, likes, tweets, and impressions now count toward not only the value of our opinions but also quantify our sphere of influence. These metrics, however, are easily manipulated to such an extent that even elections have allegedly been at

Why Social Media Discretion Is Increasingly Important to Your Brand

Pre-internet, the extent to which we knew about each other was the extent to which we volunteered information about ourselves. We generally kept our business to ourselves, and we were happy in our ignorance. We had a work life and, at the end of a long day, we

Selfie with cat, coffee and Karenina: reading in the age of social media

Half of the fun in reading a book lies in going to a bookshop and browsing through the titles, no matter if you are buying them or not. When Amazon replaced bookshops, book-browsers took to social media sites to moon over gleaming first-edition covers, fresh from the

Ask Amy: Family members lurk on social media

Dear Amy: I have a large extended family. I was close to my cousins and aunts growing up, but I now feel like the black sheep of the family. I am gay and have political and religious beliefs that are different from the rest of my conservative family.