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3 Ways to Maximize Your Content Reach on LinkedIn

Do you publish long-form content on LinkedIn? Are you looking for ways to get more views and engagement with your posts? LinkedIn recently released its list of “top voices” from 2016, and in the process, they also shared what made those bloggers so successful on the platform. As per LinkedIn:

How LinkedIn will invade Windows and Office

It’ll soon become harder to avoid LinkedIn’s messages if you use Office or Windows. Microsoft has revealed how it will start to integrate LinkedIn into its own email and other platforms, after European authorities approved its acquisition of the professional social network. Following the approval, Microsoft CEO

Russia Asks Apple, Google to Remove LinkedIn From App Stores

Accusing LinkedIn of flouting local laws that require Internet firms to store data on citizens within the nations borders, the Russian authorities have asked Apple and Google to remove the professional networking site app from their online stores. Recently, a Russian court blocked the Microsoft-owned LinkedIn service

LinkedIn Now Supports Hashtags Again – Sort of

Everyone knows that LinkedIn doesn’t support hashtags, right? That, of course, doesn’t stop people from using them on the platform all the time, much to the amusement of smug social media types (myself included) who scoff at such folly – “hashtags don’t work on LinkedIn, fool”. As it

LinkedIn: The Number One Social Network for Entrepreneurs

LinkedIn co-founder and billionaire investor Reid Hoffman isn’t afraid to offer advice on how to improve your LinkedIn profile. He’s also not shy about sharing his stance that entrepreneurs who are not using LinkedIn put themselves at a massive disadvantage. “For entrepreneurs, more or less, if an

7 Ways to Generate More Sales Using LinkedIn

As someone who makes his living teaching professionals how to utilize LinkedIn to generate more business for themselves, I remain convinced that the platform is one of the most exciting – and misunderstood – business opportunities available right now. For whatever reason, LinkedIn can’t seem to shake the notion that it’s “only” a place