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Gadgets Guru director arrested for tax evasion

Rajpal Singh, the director of an online shopping website Gadgets Guru, was arrested on Saturday for allegedly evading service tax and Goods and Service Tax (GST). As per GST officials, he evaded service tax of Rs 3.06 crore and GST of Rs 578 crore. Rajpal Singh has been sent to judicial custody till April 24. Gadgets

Five gadgets and bits of gear for work and play – start pestering your boss for them now

Whatever people say about the importance of work-life balance, most of us living in big cities spend a significant part of our lives at our jobs. But all work and no play may actually reduce productivity, so here are five gadgets and items of gear that not

Vergecast: explaining a Spotify trial, Siri, and a whole bunch of gadgets

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul are back in New York City after being at SXSW last weekend. To kick off the show, they welcome back senior writer Sarah Jeong to explain a $1.6 billion lawsuit between Spotify and Wixen Publishing. In the second half of the

Essential gadgets for the wildlife enthusiast

Bushnell 10×42 Legend M Series binoculars Whether you are trying to focus on a tiny minivet in the undergrowth, or a big cat lazing by a waterhole, good binoculars are essential. These ones from Bushnell are top-of-the-class. They are also waterproof (including the lenses). At 10x42mm, you get

11 gadgets and apps to speed up your morning routine

We could all—early birds and night owls, single folks and families—use a little more time in the mornings. So harness the power of tech to carve out those minutes and get out the door on schedule. From gadgets that whip up breakfast in seconds to apps that

Here’s the Coolest Health-Tech Gadgets for 2018

One of the most exciting events of the year for any “gadget head” arrived in Las Vegas earlier this month as the Consumer Electronics Show went into full swing. It’s the annual trade show for companies to debut their newest tech products to the media as well

Maybe It’s Time To Regulate Gadgets And Apps Like Cigarettes

Tech companies put a lot of work into designing their products to be “sticky.” That’s investor deck speak, but everyone knows what sticky really means: addictive. While that may be good for the companies and their funders, a growing body of research is showing that it’s not so

5 cooking gadgets that will completely transform your kitchen

Kitchen technology has come such a long way in recent years, but most people aren’t even aware of most of the cool new gadgets that are out there. Why? People people develop habits and routines in the kitchen more so than any other room of the house,

9 awesome gadgets everyone should buy in 2018

CES 2018 has been the Center Stage for all the technology companies to showcase their new products. Even though the major Tech companies including Apple, Samsung and Huawei usually hold a separate event to launch their newbie’s however most companies have taken it to the CES to

CES 2018: Behind The Smart Gadgets, Amazon And Google Are waging War

The flash of the CES technology show in Las Vegas is all about robots, drones and smart gadgets. But its subtext is all about Google versus Amazon. Both companies usually shun conventions like CES, preferring to debut gadgets at their own press events. But these tech giants