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Which all phones WhatsApp won’t support in future?

WhatsApp has updated its FAQ page with new details on the operating systems it won’t support, going forward. The latest information is that WhatsApp will end support for Android Gingerbread version 2.3.7 and older, iOS 7 and older on February 1, 2020. Users of the very limited

What will the future of web design look like?

Trends Two major visual trends are taking over . Firstly, we are seeing a wider use of layers, creating a stronger sense of depth and perspective in websites. It will take parallax to the next level, with parts seeming to move at different paces as you scroll.

The Future Of The Smart Home: Your Home’s Operating System & The Artificial Intelligence To Power It

Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft makes a point as he talks to reporters at a CompUSA store in San Francisco, June 25, 1998. (Photo by Jeff Chistensen) Predicting Our Future is a podcast about the next revolutions in technology, as seen through the eyes of a

How Intel’s Latest Server Chip Will Speed Up Everyday Internet Services & Future Technologies

Phones, laptops, PCs let you get online. But once there, a ‘server’ is what you connect with to get anything meaningful done. And the company that makes over 90% of online servers just upgraded their latest batch to be more powerful and energy efficient than ever before.

Google Stakes Its Future on a Piece of Software

Early in 2015, artificial-intelligence researchers at Google created an obscure piece of software called ­TensorFlow. Two years later the tool, which is used in building machine-­learning software, underpins many future ambitions of Google and its parent company, Alphabet. TensorFlow makes it much easier for the company’s engineers

GCHQ targets teenage girls to find cyber spies of the future

Teenage girls are being invited to put their technology skills to the test in a competition that could unearth the cyber spies of the future. The contest has been set up by GCHQ’s new National Cyber Security Centre as part of efforts to inspire more women to

Faraday Future unveils an actual car

It’s happened. Faraday Future has unveiled its high-tech electric FF 91 SUV. Interested parties can place a refundable $5,000 deposit on the car right now, with production starting in 2018. With a range of 378 miles (it has a 130kWh pack), all-wheel drive, all-wheel turning and 1,050

The past, present and possible future of Yahoo

The past, present and future of Yahoo In 2016, nostalgia is big business. Millions of people have been queuing up to see Ghostbusters, while Pokémon is back with such a vengeance it appears to be transforming society as we know it. But it is US mobile giant

The future of in-flight entertainment

Do you have a jet-setter’s lifestyle? Airports, queues, soul-crushing hotels and hour upon hour of high altitude boredom? Lucky you. Most frequent travellers have recently abandoned the small screen in the seat in front in favour of a tablet stuffed with their own movies or catch-up TV,

The future of Firefox is … Chrome

The head of Mozilla’s Firefox browser is looking to the future. And, for the moment at least, it seems to lie in rival Chrome. Senior VP Mark Mayo caused a storm by revealing that the Firefox team is working on a next-generation browser that will run on