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Get fit 2017: all the fitness gear you need to fight the festive flab

If the overindulgence of Christmas has inspired you to get fit in early 2017, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s the best fitness band to keep a track of your steps or a new treadmill for your home, we’ve rounded up all our top features into one

Nasa makes all research free to the public in fight against academic journal paywalls

What’s the point of research, if hardly anyone can read it? Nasa has decided to make all of the scientific research it funds available for the general public to access for free from a new public web portal, even if the research originates from a peer-reviewed journal

Your Old USB Flash Drive Could Help Fight North Korean Repression

A tiny USB memory stick is unlikely to bring down Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, but thousands upon thousands of them just might help enlighten the North Korean people to the freedoms enjoyed by the outside world, according to human-rights activists. The New York-based Human Rights Foundation and

Brussels attacks: ‘Fight the westerners’ text sent to youths in Molenbeek

Messages, feared to be from Isis recruiters, sent on Sunday after video online apparently showed young people celebrating attacks Molenbeek in Brussels. Youths complain that some employers will not hire anyone with a postcode from the area. Photograph: Alamy Young men in the Molenbeek district of Brussels