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FCC report finds almost no broadband competition at 100Mbps speeds

If you live in the US and want home Internet service at speeds of at least 100Mbps, you will likely find one Internet service provider in your area or none at all. The latest Internet Access Services report was released by the Federal Communications Commission last week. The report’s

Apple Gets US FCC Licence to Test 5G Wireless Broadband on Millimetre Wave Networks

HIGHLIGHTS The approval may mark beginning of the journey of 5G-enabled iPhones Apple has applied for FCC approval earlier this year The company’s future products may also benefit with 5G testing Apple has been granted licence to test the next generation of wireless technology, 5G, specifically its


Users located in the south east of the UK appear to be worst affected / Getty Sky is experiencing service issues, leaving thousands of broadband customers without internet access. The company has told the Independent that approximately 32,000 Sky customers are affected. Users located in the south east of the UK appear to be the

Govt to infuse Rs 10,000 cr in BharatNet for for rural broadband

Strengthen the government’s Digital India push, the government on Wednesday said it will pump Rs 10,000 crore in 2017-18 in its BharatNet project to lay optical fibre cables (OFC). “Under the BharatNet Project, OFC has been laid in 1,55,000 km. I have stepped up the allocation for

BT gets another chance to fix its broadband: Here’s what it means for you

Ofcom, BT and OpenReach – what this means to you BT used to like to tell us that “it’s good to talk”, but this morning it probably wasn’t the happiest of phone calls with the telecoms regulator Ofcom, which has told BT that it needs to seriously