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An AI a day keeps the doctor away… Neural net software gets better at clocking cancer tumors

Baidu’s AI researchers have built an algorithm that can spot cancerous tumors in breast tissue using a method that doesn’t rely solely on neural networks. Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) excel at pattern matching, and thus are useful at detecting potential clusters of cancerous cells in medical scans.

Prenuptial agreements with a social media clause are on the rise

All human beings have three lives: public, private and secret.” — Gabriel Garcia Marquez So it has come to this: Yet more proof, as if we needed it, that our dependence on technology is overwhelming and our addiction to social media potentially toxic. Prenuptial agreements with a

Social media’s sword: It cuts both ways, says a new study

Social media is hailed for its power to connect people and communities, but it can also do the opposite. They are forums where anybody can criticize anyone else from a distance, and this degree of separation just might fuel the notion that harsh words lose potency as

People Think Meghan Markle Is a Robot in This Video and I’m Officially Done with the Internet

Today in absurd celebrity conspiracy theories, the internet now believes Meghan Markle is a robot. (Yes, really.) Let’s state the obvious: the Duchess of Sussex is, in fact, a living and breathing human being. But one clip has the web convinced otherwise. Let’s break this down, shall

Google Awards Uruguayan Teenager a Bug Bounty of Over $36,000 for Finding Severe Security Flaw

HIGHLIGHTS Ezequiel Pereira’s sporadic poking around has finally paid off Vulnerability would have allowed him to make changes to internal systems I’m glad that I found something that was so important: Pereira Google has awarded an Uruguayan teenager a “bug bounty” of more than $36,000 (roughly Rs. 24.3

Paytm Tap Card Launched, Allows Offline Payments in Less Than a Second

Paytm has launched a new payment mode, Tap Card, that it is promoting as India’s first “truly offline payments solution.” It is a card that uses NFC to transfer money on company-authorised Point of Sale (PoS) terminals, and is aimed at non-Internet users. The Paytm Tap Card uses enables safe

How ‘condom snorting’ turned into a pro-gun argument

“Condom snorting” – a dangerous activity that involves stuffing a condom up your nose until it comes out of your mouth – has been the subject of a number of recent viral news reports. It’s a years-old trend that wasn’t very popular even when it first surfaced

Vergecast: explaining a Spotify trial, Siri, and a whole bunch of gadgets

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul are back in New York City after being at SXSW last weekend. To kick off the show, they welcome back senior writer Sarah Jeong to explain a $1.6 billion lawsuit between Spotify and Wixen Publishing. In the second half of the


Republican-led Federal Communications Commission formally published a rule reversing long-standing and vital protections of the internet known as net neutrality. The FCC’s new rule would let big corporations restrict how consumers access their favorite websites by forcing them to buy internet access in packages, paying more for “premium” service, as


Whatever plans you have for this weekend, cancel them immediately, because Udemy is running another sale on game development courses. OK, that might be a little extreme, so maybe you could enhance your weekend plans by sitting down and learning how to code, build a website, or even start