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3 Features To Consider About Your Web Design

Creating a good business website can sound very difficult, though it does not have to be challenging. If you need to design a website for your business, start by identifying what it is that you desire your web design to achieve. Thus, you will need to have a clear

The importance of web design and SEO for starting an ecommerce business

Web design and SEO… These are topics that keep web developers, search engine marketers, and web entrepreneurs up at night. Irrespective of your chosen niche, the success of your website, any website, depends on the number of visitors it gets on a daily basis. It’s a simple

11 Website Design And Development Best Practices For 2018

Aim higher to delight customers with amazing website performance. Forbes • Webfia • LinkedIn Website Design And Development Guidelines For 2018 In today’s global marketplace, it’s not enough to just have a digital presence. To capitalize on opportunity and captivate real, live, human readers, an optimized, functional, interactive website is a

40 Super Useful and Free Websites for Web Designers

In honor of me turning 40 this year, I put together 40 of my favorite free web design tools to celebrate the four decades I’ve lived on this earth. Being in the web design biz for so long, I understand how web designers undergo a hard time

Infographic: 10 web design errors for PR pros to eliminate

A usable and intuitive website is essential for any business. Whether you sell online or use digital marketing to reach prospective customers, most consumers will interact with your brand online before having any physical contact with your team. That means your web presence must be robust and


Whatever plans you have for this weekend, cancel them immediately, because Udemy is running another sale on game development courses. OK, that might be a little extreme, so maybe you could enhance your weekend plans by sitting down and learning how to code, build a website, or even start

Destination Niagara USA receives web design award

The Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International on Tuesday honored Destination Niagara USA with a Gold Adrian Award for web design and development excellence during the 61st annual Adrian Awards Gala in New York City. Attended by more than 1,000 hospitality, travel, and tourism marketing professionals, the

Apple revamps web design for App Store

Apple has updated the look of its web-based App Store, 9to5Mac first reported. It definitely has the feel of the iOS 11 App Store, which Apple completely redesigned and launched last September. But, unlike iOS 11, there’s no focus on app discovery. The functionality is about the same as

What makes web users happy? Enroll — and learn — in this rigorous design bootcamp

Learning to be a top-notch web designer isn’t just about mastering code. Users don’t see raw HTML and JavaScript when they visit a website or start an app. No, users focus on how the site looks, how to get around, how fast the pages or features load

13 Tools for Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design ensures a site renders well on different devices and screens. Use responsive design tools to make sure your users have an optimal viewing experience. Here is a list of responsive design tools. There are tools to build responsive web page elements, and tools to