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What The Open Mobility Foundation Says About Cities, Software And Standards

Analyzing data from the use of electric scooters, bicycles and other new mobility options is a priority for cities. GETTY Last month, 15 cities — Los Angeles included — created something unprecedented: their own standards body. A year after launching the Mobility Data Specification (MDS) — a suite of APIs

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DDMSPLUS from ECi Software Solutions is a complete, cloud-based business management solution for dealers looking to manage complex product lines and grow their e-commerce offering. It includes sales, purchasing, inventory, contracts, CRM, business intelligence, e-commerce, accounting and reporting capabilities. Being cloud-based, it’s accessible from any location, is

This AI Software Is ‘Coaching’ Customer Service Workers. Soon It Could Be Bossing You Around, Too

I’m on the phone with a startup executive roleplaying as a frustrated customer, and a note along with a speedometer icon appears on my computer screen: Speaking slowly — You are speaking slower than usual. Try increasing your speaking pace. I speed up, and the message disappears, only to be

Tier IV raises over $100 million to develop open source software for driverless cars

Tier IV, a Japan-based driverless car software maintainer and provider, this weekannounced the closure of a round north of $100 million led by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance, with participation from Yamaha Motor, KDDI, JAFCO, and Aisan Technology. The fresh capital brings the company’s total raised to nearly $130 million following

Grab 5 Best-in-Bracket Software Stocks for Stellar Returns

The software industry is benefiting from a strong digital transformation environment. Growth in the enterprise software market continues to be incentivized by a shift in the enterprise IT spending from traditional offerings to cloud-based alternatives. The growing proliferation of cloud computing, predictive analysis, AI, digital personal assistants

HCL now fully controls IBM software including Notes and Domino

HCL has officially acquired various software products from IBM, after announcing the deal in December last year. The software products picked up by the Indian Giant are AppScan; BigFix; Commerce; Connections; Digital Experience; Notes Domino; and Unica. HCL will also be propping up a division, called HCL

You can try Apple’s new iPhone and iPad software now. Here’s how to get it

Apple on Monday released the public previews for iOS 13 and iPadOS, the new software that it will launch for iPhones and iPads in the fall. This means you can install and try many of the new features, such as dark mode on the iPhone and new widgets on

The Golden Rules Of Software Development (Part 3 Of 3)

Businesses spent over a trillion dollars on enterprise software and IT services last year, with a healthy forecasted growth fueling an otherwise flat IT market. You might expect this investment would be producing better and better software, but every day you probably experience the reverse. Cryptic error messages, confusing

Simpo raises $4.5M seed to help drive software adoption

Simpo is a startup with a simple idea. It wants to help product managers at large companies get software into the hands of its employee users faster. Today, the company announced a $4.5 million seed investment. The round was led by Redpoint Ventures with participation from Janvest, UpWest,

Holberton opens its software engineering school in Medellin

Holberton School, which sees itself as a college alternative for budding software engineers, today announced that it has opened a campus in Medellin, Colombia. With this, it now operates two schools in the country after opening its Bogota campus earlier this year. The idea behind Holberton School,  which doesn’t charge