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The 12 attributes of modern software success

You’re probably familiar with the adage, “Cheaper, better, faster — choose two, because you can never have all three.” It’s the software industry’s version of the iron triangle — the notion that a project manager or a software development team must trade between these fundamental constraints — but rarely,

5 Software Programs to Help You With SEO Strategies

If you’re a web designer or simply working in any aspect of the tech industry, then you should have SEO as one of your top priorities in terms of helping your clients see real returns on their investments. A lot of us are very talented at making

How to become a software engineer: A cheat sheet

Members of Generation Z—those born from 1997 and onward—are the latest entering the job market. The oldest members of Gen Zare entering the market during an interesting time, with the US unemployment rate at an impressive low and employers fighting to attain and retain lucrative talent. However, this young talent

Open-source software tracks neural activity in real time

This is an image of neurons (white) taken using calcium imaging techniques. An innovative software dubbed CaImAn can automatically differentiate between individual neurons (yellow outlines) with nearly the same accuracy as a human (red outlines). Credit: Giovannucci et al./eLife 2019 Tracking the firings of individual neurons is

Point of Sale Software Market Share to Record Steady Growth

“Point of Sale Software Market by Software Setup (Cloud-Based and Native), by Product (Mobile POS and Terminal POS), and by End-User (Retail, Government Sector, Healthcare, Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Warehouses, and Others): Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast, 2017 – 2024” The global Point of Sale Software

Novel Software May Help Detect Heart Diseases: Study

Researchers have developed a new software that could spot potentially lethal heart diseases and may lead to improvements in prevention and treatment, says a new study. The software – ElectroMap – which measures electrical activity in the organ, is a new open-source software for processing, analysis and

The best game capture software

Sharing recordings of your gameplay is all the rage these days, but believe it or not, watching someone play a video game is about as old as the pastime itself. When Q-bert and Ms. Pac-Man roamed the earth, it wasn’t unusual to see a group of kids clustered around an arcade

Wasting Time, Wasting Money with Software Licenses?

This is a problem that plagues any organization, regardless of whether they’re big or small: do you really need to get that many licenses for a piece of software? It’s difficult to estimate just how many licenses a business needs, particularly when it’s something that not every person uses

New Software Can Track Shared Streaming Accounts

(CNN) – Many are comfortable sharing their Netflix and other streaming service passwords with others, but new software unveiled at the CES Tech Show in Las Vegas could crack down on such account sharing. Software maker Synamedia said the artificial intelligence system looks for potentially fraudulent activity.

Eight Great Apps and Software Services That Launched In 2018

2018 was rather special and interesting, from a software point of view. While tech giants continued to deliver futuristic, mind-bending and impressive software and services, they also realised their own software was chewing away our brains, making us all sloppy. We took a good look around to