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Six Ways To Craft A Social Media Policy That Fosters Employee Participation

Social media is certainly no longer just for personal use. From the smallest businesses to the largest corporations, companies need to have a social media presence in order to be successful in today’s digital age. But this also means employees who have their own social media pages

Facebook’s Looking to Bring Messaging Back into the Main App

According to code in the back-end of the Facebook app, The Social Network may soon look to bring messaging back into the main platform, as opposed to redirecting users to its separate Messenger app. As you can see here, code hacker Jane Manchun Wong has located a new test

10 Communications Pros Recommend Their Favorite Social Media Management Tools

Social media is a great communications tool for businesses today. Connecting with consumers through platforms like Instagram and Facebook is beneficial for brands across various industries. However, using social media for business often requires more than simply having a profile; you need a solid strategy to provide

How Social Media Helps Define Brands as a Marketing Platform, Make the Most of It!!

Did you know that 90per cent of all marketers say social media marketing has increased their business exposure? Or that 66per cent of marketers that spend at least 6 hours on social per week has seen more leads? With the advent of social media, traditional marketing methods

Harness the power of analytics for data-driven social media marketing

On social media, publishing the best content regularly is an important task for most organisations, but something much more crucial than that is knowing how well your content is performing. This is an accurate indicator of whether your social media strategies are working, or need to be

Meghan Markle speaks out amid social media abuse

Meghan, Britain’s Duchess of Sussex, has admitted she doesn’t engage with Twitter or read newspapers, in an effort to avoid “getting muddled” by the “noise,” the UK’s Press Association (PA) news agency reports. The Duchess made the admission during a panel discussion marking International Women’s Day at King’s College

This Business Success Strategy Doesn’t Involve Hours On Social Media

There is a simple way to engage on social media that strikes a healthy balance.PHOTO BY RAWPIXELS.COM Once in the business or entrepreneurial world, it’s all too easy to think social media is a necessity for growth. Many business owners report they feel pressure they’re not ‘doing enough’ and

How to post on social media in a way that won’t ruin your life

CINCINNATI — It’s a perfect paradox for the 21st century: The internet is both ephemeral and eternal. Although posts vanish off algorithm-scrambled Instagram feeds in seconds and a quick double-tap is enough to delete an ill-considered Facebook post, almost nothing is ever really gone. Deleted tweets may still

DFA warns vs job recruiters on social media

The Department of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday warned Filipinos not to accept job offers outright on social media. File/Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News MANILA—The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Tuesday warned Filipinos not to accept job offers outright on social media. Those who received job offers via social

With elections around the corner, social media giants gear up to fight fake news

As India gears up for general elections, owners of global social media platforms are in a huddle over how to curb the spread of misinformation and fake news in a country where deep mobile penetration has made Facebook, its messaging service WhatsApp and Twitter available at the