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Brands are cashing in on social media envy, and using influencers to sell it

On Wednesday, Gizmodo reported that an influencer paid to endorse specs online is being sued for not being influential enough. So far, so funny. The truth is that the minor celeb is being sued for breaking his contract. Grown-ish star Luka Sabbat was contracted to post three

Stress less: Minimizing the negative effects of social media

Social media can be a place to connect with friends and family, make plans or hear about events. At the same time, social media use can sometimes overwhelm us with news and information. Navigating social media use is all about keeping things in perspective. Here are some

Remember Life Before Social Media? Maybe It’s Time For A Reminder

When Twitter was young and tweets a mere 140 characters long, I used to mock the platform for consisting largely of posts that merely used tiny URLs to direct readers to in-depth articles on real new sites. Now I long to return to those days. Last week

The Slippery Slope of Regulating Social Media

The promise of the internet, and social media in particular, was that it would not only allow anyone the opportunity to speak, but would also make it possible for anyone to precisely tailor what he reads, sees and hears online. News and information would no longer be

Jennifer Lawrence Is Secretly On Social Media And We Must Find Her

Jennifer Lawrence has revealed that, after years of publicly eschewing social media, she is, in fact, on one of the main platforms. In a new interview with InStyle, the Red Sparrow star dramatically announced that, whilst she’s on social media, she refrains from actively contributing. ‘I’m on it. But I’m a


Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has come under fire yet again on social media, following her latest comments on colonialism. But Zille isn’t the only Democratic Alliance member who has attracted negative criticism on social media on Monday morning. City of Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba shared a tweet, appearing

Online communities and social media help promote your business

With the fast development of online communities and social media, consumers nowadays actively seek and share their consumption experiences in various forms of online communities. In contrast to offline word of mouth, where opinions may “disappear into thin air,” electronic word of mouth provides a persistent public

Five Tips For Making The Most Of Your Social Media Engagement Strategy

When it comes to social media, you have to be very selective in the way you handle content across channels. Be it your Facebook fan page or Instagram Stories, every network has its own niche and way of operation. For example, your Facebook audience will expect more

3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Still Need a Social Media Presence

Considering pausing your social presence? Here’s why it still counts for small business. No matter what happens, it seems like the world is never short on small business optimism. The Q3 2018 Small Business Indexinfographic released by Wells Fargo and Gallup revealed that small business optimism is at

What Are the Seven Biggest Social Media Scams of 2018?

The massive rise in popularity of social platforms has led to a huge upswing in social media scams — putting a growing pool of users at risk. Facebook had 2.23 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2018, while photo-sharing site Instagram hit 1 billion monthly active