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These 10 All-Stars are also elite on social media

While MLB All-Stars already do so much to entertain us on the field on a regular basis, social media offers our favorite players the opportunity to bring us joy when they leave the ballpark as well. The 2018 All-Star teams feature a number of fantastic Twitter and

Uganda to review its new social media tax after public outcry and protests

Uganda will review a tax on the use of social media, the prime minister said on Wednesday, after a protest against the controversial measure was broken up by police firing live rounds and tear gas into the air. Prime minister Ruhakana Rugunda told parliament that President Yoweri

Public relations officials hit back at new social media tax

This tax will certainly affect our profession as public relations practitioners if several users fail to access social media due to failure to pay the tax. It also has a ripple effect on access to information, which is a human right; affects the speed and quality of

People share social media post about a kidnapping FWPD said didn’t happen

– Social media posts began circulating on Facebook about a possible kidnapping at Walmart on Maysville Road on Saturday, July 7th. The messages that NewsChannel 15 received stated that a co-worker’s niece was the intended target. NewsChannel 15 has reached out to the Walmart and did not get

Tweeting jailbirds: social media use by prisoners triples

Hundreds of social media accounts were shut down in 2017 after it was discovered they were being run by prisoners using illegally obtained mobile phones in jail, data obtained by the Guardian shows. The number of social media accounts deleted or deactivated because they were being updated

Ugandans again run to VPN as social media tax starts to bite

As predicted by ICT experts, Ugandans have found virtual private networks (VPN) the ‘ultimate solution’ to bypass paying the Shs 200 daily excise duty charge on Over-The-Top (OTT) services. The tax, christened ‘social media tax’ affects social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Viber, Skype

Marketoonist on social media policy

Tom Fishburne is founder of Marketoon Studios. Follow his work at or on Twitter @tomfishburne source:-marketingweek.

What is Social Listening?

Social media is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for small businesses. You can market new products online, sell through Instagram, use it for customer serviceand even listen to customers’ opinions. With social media listening, you can reach the right people at the right time with the right content.

Social-Media Coördinator

The New Yorker is seeking a social-media coördinator to help maintain and expand the magazine’s presence across social-media platforms. As part of the social-media team, the coördinator will work closely with the editorial and communications teams to translate The New Yorker’s short-form, long-form, and multimedia reporting to social networks, mindful

Reporters Will Not Reveal NBA Draft Picks on Social Media

The experience of watching the NBA Draft will be a bit different this year. In the past, news-breakers sharing picks on social media in advance of the actual selection was widely expected, with social media often several selections ahead of the television broadcast. But ahead of this year’s draft,