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It’s been a week since Amazon’s seemingly annual Alexa-oriented hardware event, but the tech and retail industries will likely be processing the rapid-fire announcements for many months to come. In just under two hours, Amazon announced more than a dozen new products aimed at everything from home audio and

Ruby Rose named the internet’s most ‘dangerous’ celebrity

Ruby Rose has played some dangerous characters, like an inmate in “Orange Is the New Black” and a scientist battling a prehistoric shark in “The Meg.” But the actress herself is now officially dangerous. Cybersecurity firm McAfee on Tuesday crowned Rose the most dangerous celebrity on the

Microsoft releases Robot Operating System for Windows

With ROS for Windows, developers will be able to use Microsoft’s familiar Visual Studio toolset along with AI (artificial intelligence) and cloud features. The company is hoping to bring an intelligent edge to robotics by offering functions such as hardware-accelerated Windows Machine Learning, computer vision, Azure Cognitive

Your Clients Increasingly Use Windows 10 as an Operating System and Chrome as Their Browser

Knowing the platforms your customer use can help your business better engage with them and also help you find new potential clients. The latest figures from NetMarketShare reveal Windows is still king when it comes to desktop operating systems and Chrome is the browser to beat. The lead Windows and Chrome

How to Set Up a Virtual Machine for Free

There are plenty of reasons to run a virtual machine. The first, and most compelling, is that you want to play: Maybe there are some other operating system you want to dabble with (cough Linux cough), but you don’t want to deal with installing another hard drive,

Chrome OS may soon support multiple Google accounts without switching profiles

Chrome OS is constantly evolving and solving sore points of the operating system. Now, it seems like Google is working on multiple account support for Chrome OS. If you’ve ever tried to use a Chromebook full-time and have multiple accounts on Google to manage, you’ve probably run

Global Robot Operating System Market Opportunities, Threats, Business Plannings, Policies Forecast To 2026

The research report “International Robot Operating System Market Analysis report 2018” furnishes business and technology analysis, and tactical prophesy for Robot Operating System market, scaling the market with the help of product kind, end-use sector, and geography. The report delivers former data previous year data along with

Auterion raises $10 million for open source drone operating system

Auterion has raised $10 million in funding for its open source commercial drone operating system and launched its drone OS today as an enterprise version of the PX4 open source standard. The Zurich, Switzerland-based company will use the money to scale its operations and speed up development of

Robot Operating System Market is Expected to Reach 287.04 million by the End of 2023

Regional Outlook and Trend Analysis: North America held a significant share of the Robot Operating Systems (ROS) Market in 2014 due to the increasing applications of ROS in various fields and rising funding’s from venture capital companies. The Asia-Pacific market has not experienced any substantial growth due

What Is A Blockchain Operating System?

The Nynja blockchain-enabled virtual operating system has a communications layer and a secure payments layer, with a multi-currency wallet.NYNJA Blockchain, as more and more people are finding out, is a ledger system for keeping records. More specifically, blockchain is an open (i.e. public, not held inside one