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Huawei’s Android-based operating system might launch alongside the Mate 30 Pro

We’ve known for a long time that Huawei is working on its own operating systems that could be used on devices if it ever had to replace Android and Windows. That scenario unfolded a few weeks ago when the Trump administration placed China’s largest smartphone vendor on


One problem with building things using state-of-the-art techniques is that sometimes those that look like they will be “the next big thing” turn out to be dead ends. Next thing you know, that hot new part or piece of software is hard to get or unmaintained. This

Huawei’s Operating System Might Replace Android For Good

Before we dive into the details of how can it be possible, let’s go back to 2012 where building their own operating system to overcome the dependency on Android was a long due plan of Huawei. It all started with ArkOS, the first prototype of Huawei’s own

Huawei released “killer” Android operating system

How good it is for a software product depends on how convenient it is to use one or another electronic device at its base. Currently, the most popular operating system for smartphones is Android, and it is installed more than 3/4 of the total number of mobile devices

Mozilla is Removing WebIDE the Last Service of its Late Operating System from its Browser

Mozilla had its own open-source operating system for smartphones; unfortunately, they had to discontinue it. The OS was based on the rendering engine of the Firefox browser and the Linux kernel. WedIDE is one of the premiere services related to the late OS. It allowed users to

65% Of Manufacturing Environments Run Outdated Operating Systems, Says Trend Micro

Trend Micro Incorporated has announced a new research that demonstrates the threats facing manufacturing networks still running outdated technology, including risks to intellectual property and production processes. The report, Securing Smart Factories: Threats to Manufacturing Environments in the Era of Industry 4.0, outlines the security dimension of a

Microsoft Windows Alternatives: 7 Powerful Operating Systems in 2019

With 1.5 billion active users, Microsoft Windows stands straight as the most popular operating system in the entire world. No other OS in human history has served these many desktop machines. However, we submit that Windows has no grip over the mobile phone industry, where Android is

“Operating System Upgrade” Needed to Renew Globalization, Avoid Future Crises

The World Economic Forum today calls for a global public-private campaign to strengthen and modernize international cooperation and two key areas of domestic governance. The call for engagement comes two months after the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting and 10 years to the day since the London

Noodoe Is A Cloud Operating System That Could Transform Electric Vehicle Charging

The days of the internal combustion engine as a commercial entity are coming to an end. Despite several false starts, the adoption of electric vehicles is accelerating faster by the day. According to a recent McKinsey study, 350 new electric vehicle (EV) models will debut by 2025 and as

An Ode to Mobile Preference – Operating Systems

Thanks to the penetration of data across Indian borders, cheaper smartphones availability and mobile internet plans, the nation’s mobile market has been on a constant rise. According to an EY report, the number of smartphone users in India will reach 650 million whereas the monthly data consumption