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What The Open Mobility Foundation Says About Cities, Software And Standards

Analyzing data from the use of electric scooters, bicycles and other new mobility options is a priority for cities. GETTY Last month, 15 cities — Los Angeles included — created something unprecedented: their own standards body. A year after launching the Mobility Data Specification (MDS) — a suite of APIs


Over the years, our relationship with technology has changed greatly, particularly in the social media space. Frustrating as it is fun, it has evolved from another form of self-expression and a way to connect with others into a vital part of our everyday lives and how we

Feature: Software

DDMSPLUS from ECi Software Solutions is a complete, cloud-based business management solution for dealers looking to manage complex product lines and grow their e-commerce offering. It includes sales, purchasing, inventory, contracts, CRM, business intelligence, e-commerce, accounting and reporting capabilities. Being cloud-based, it’s accessible from any location, is

Social Media Star Slammed For ‘Endangering’ Horse For Instagram Picture

Social media has brought rise to the classic term ‘influencer’; a person with tons of followers and likes, who will take pictures of themselves or their environment (but it’s usually of themselves). This influencer culture is pushing people to up the ante in order to get a

Social Media Influencer Ray Diaz Arrested For Alleged Sexual Assault

Social media star Ray Diaz is being held on $500,000 bail at a Los Angeles Police Department facility after he was arrested Friday on suspicion of sexual assault. LAPD detectives took Diaz into custody at 5 a.m. in San Diego, with assistance from San Diego police, Los Angeles police announced Friday

User Inyerface is a maddening tour of the worst web design mistakes

Great user interface design is invisible. But when bad designs pop up, it can complicate an otherwise simple process. User Inyerface, a short web game created by Bagaar, is an example of what happens when every frustrating element of user interface design is jammed together. Buttons that should

4 Ways Web Design Can Help You Improve Customer Experience

The design of your website is one of those key elements of modern brand building that has the power and potential to make or break customer experience and satisfaction. Quite simply, without a responsive, intuitive, and customer-centric design that boasts a customer success mindset, your site has no

This AI Software Is ‘Coaching’ Customer Service Workers. Soon It Could Be Bossing You Around, Too

I’m on the phone with a startup executive roleplaying as a frustrated customer, and a note along with a speedometer icon appears on my computer screen: Speaking slowly — You are speaking slower than usual. Try increasing your speaking pace. I speed up, and the message disappears, only to be

10 Web Design Tools to Improve Your Workflow in 2019

With web design tools, you can simplify workflow in a very efficient way, easily obtaining the desired result in a small amount of time. Web design tools are launched year-round, helping you to simplify the development process, reduce your time and create an impressive design for your

Huawei’s Android-based operating system might launch alongside the Mate 30 Pro

We’ve known for a long time that Huawei is working on its own operating systems that could be used on devices if it ever had to replace Android and Windows. That scenario unfolded a few weeks ago when the Trump administration placed China’s largest smartphone vendor on